Keeping yourself healthy with Nature

Wash hands often w soap & water

Keep hands away from face: mouth, nose, eyes

Get plenty of rest

Get some sunlight & fresh air each day

Drink extra water w lemon, citrus or fruits to create a tasty elixir

Increase green & all veggies/fruits

Exercise or move your body to pump lymphatic system to flush out toxins


***Oil of Oregano, Garlic pills, Vitamin C (liposomal), Vitamin D, Zinc, Black Elderberry Extract, Colloidal Silver liquid &/or nasal spray, Add in more Garlic/Ginger/Onion/Horseradish root/Habanero peppers, Apple Cider Vinager, Tumeric, Echinacea & Raw or Manuka Honey

Any questions re: any supplements or other tips to stay healthy and/or detoxify please call or text 239.315.6700

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  • Reduces Appearance of Stretch Marks. …
  • Prevents Signs of Aging.

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