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“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food”

If your body isn’t radiant, then your spirit has no vessel through which to shine. What you put into your body is by far one of the most important methods to achieving radiant health. This is why I consistently tell my clients to move into a non-toxic, additive-free, organic and whole-food based style of nourishment. We can only be healthy when our food is nutritious.

Each individual has different needs, therefore I believe in bio-individuality. While there is, of course, a common theme to my work, I like to take the time to get to know each of my clients on a one-to-one basis. We will sit down and discuss your habits, your needs and your goals. Then I will stay with you as you implement the changes discussed. Each person has a different level of readiness, so I am prepared to meet you where you are at and gently lead you towards the lifestyle you desire.

Everything boils down to choices.

Some people choose to go vegan, some people do not. There is not one answer for every body. However, we can all implement a series of good choices that help us move towards a more radiant body. Getting you to this place is my goal. I want to see all of my clients armed with the information they need to make the right choice at the right time to keep them heading towards their own personal best.

Additionally, I believe that periodically ridding the body of accumulated garbage is a beneficial practice that supports maximal health. Detoxing through juicing and food combining allow the body to own its own space, and not have to share its processes with leftovers. Allowing the bowel to enjoy its own healthy flora without interference from yeast and undesirable bacteria is a true boon to the entire body. The easier we make digestion for the system, the better job it can do absorbing the nutrients we need.

I believe in commitment and dedication, and that lifestyle changes do not happen overnight, in a week, a month or even three. I prefer to be by your side for a six month partnership where we will connect every two weeks to keep you on track and focused. Your health goals are important to me and I want to see you experience the radiance that is your birthright.

In  this partnership, you can expect:

  • A whole kitchen detox: food and cleaning products
  • A whole bathroom detox: clearing out harmful chemicals
  • A joint trip to the store so you can see how to shop for health
  • Cooking tips and lessons if needed
  • Juicing support
  • Personal communication and positive reinforcement

Please contact me via email to schedule a consultation.

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