Radiant Self

Pamela Kundalini Yoga

What does it mean to be a radiant being?

Imagine a  life where you feel calm and collected, where your highest self is readily accessible, prepared to offer you guidance and insight so that you can live your fullest life. You already have the  tools you need to help you unlock the door so that your energy and creativity can flow. You have within you the power to be effective and creative in your own life. You know what needs to be done, if you could only release that which is holding you back. To be radiant means to live in flow with the universe, putting yourself in a position of receiving so that prosperity and purpose come to you.

“You owe it to yourself to be yourself”–Yogi Bhajan

How many times have you tried to be somebody else for somebody else? How much energy from other people do you carry around? How has that affected your ability to be the truest you? How do you get your own personal radiance back?

For me, the study of yoga and Kundalini yoga has helped me to truly find my feet. It has helped me become able to find my neutral space where I can access the pool of wisdom that waits for us all. The channel to my higher self is clearer for me now because of my practice. But I stay with it everyday. It is a daily practice that shapes my daily life.

Kundalini Yoga clears the subconscious mind to bring out the most radiant spirit within you. It opens up the energetic pathways to help you find a space where you can become still and increase your intuition. With simple effort, this practice can become embedded into your daily life, bringing about a sense of radiant peace, health and well being. It can take as little as three minutes a day. The commitment to your radiance yields rewards far greater than the effort. That is the beauty of this practice.

Using the vibrations of breath, mantra and a gentle physical practice of yoga, we can clear out anything that holds you back.

We can find the radiant you!

There are a few ways that we can do this together. Perhaps you are not comfortable coming to a group class and would like a private lesson in the privacy of a beautiful Naples, FL studio. This can be arranged. Or maybe you want to experience the energetic flow of a group session, which has an entirely different feel. The choice is up to you.

For private sessions, please contact me via email here.

Current Weekly Schedule:
Monday– 10am at Tiburon Golf Club (members & guests only) + Privates Available
Tuesday– 12:30pm Kundalini Yoga at BKS Yoga, Naples* + Private
Wednesday- 9am Horizon Beach access to the right (in season Oct-June)
Thursday- 12:30pm Kundalini Yoga at BKS Yoga, Naples* + Private
Friday- 10am at Tiburon Golf Club (members & guests only) + Privates Available

Monthly Workshop Schedule:
Sunday- Kundalini Yoga Workshop 1:00-3:00 p.m. at Revival Yoga, Marco Island*
Thursday- Kundalini Yoga Workshop 6:00-7:30 p.m. at BKS Yoga, Naples*

*Sign up via local studio website

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